Thursday, August 5, 2010

~ the swoon worthy,

a tiny tribute to this Beautiful Heart!!!

& descending upon delight {ever so lightly]
kind smiles

~ images 1-4 from,
& 5 thru 8:,, polly wreford & tumblr ~


  1. All gorgeous and I love that wallpaper :-)

    Leeann x

  2. I'm gonna move in. I swear, I'm gonna move in!!

  3. Please tell me where those first pictures came from. I MUST have more!!

  4. i know, they are absolutely stunning!!! if you click on the word "from" at the end of the post, it will take you straight to the source

    thanks lovelies!!! <3

  5. Well, duh. Thanks. Sorry about that. I know that you always give credit. It was pretty late (my time) last night when I was visiting. Thanks again.

  6. :) that made me smile because normally when i read the comments i don't think of accents, but when i read that i could hear the American worries, i should have written it clearer but it was late when i wrote it too, i think thats the beauty of it sometimes

    late nights+trying to navigate the internet=loss of orientation :) kind smiles

  7. p.s the equation, i meant, applies especially to me :) i know sometimes my words/photos are muddled or misspelled, but im so tired i often think, i'll fix it when i have more time, then i realize that time{when the clock strikes perfection} will never come, but i guess every second is a chance to strive for excellence, & the fun/worry is in the striving, its just fine & wonderful if we don't get it right all the time, don't you agree? hopefully!!! :)