Thursday, February 24, 2011


though anticipating the vinyasa* of Spring, i am actually cosy perched within Winter.. .pining in my creative hibernation.. .& i would love a coat of woven rose petals, spun from the toppling threads of a silken cocoon{with matching rosebud clips to adorn my velvet shoes.. .then i would preen my way through Winter with a vagabond ignominy & wear a hat of lilac to the screening of the sunset.. .there, where evening thoughts parade ~ like a crescent star, gliding up onto my soul.. .sauntering/hopping/bending across my heart.. .& then a thought, 
Love, where are you?  

*to place, in a special way


  1. That is a delightful word we have not seen before, thanks for sharing and adding your lovely words

  2. Lovely pictures. Have a nice weekend.