Tuesday, April 26, 2011

under magnolia branches i ponder.. .

being inspired by Miss Maddie's gorgeous journal entry, {& the question which leaves me mesmerized in so many ways - being convinced that i share less than two percent in words, &communicate much more of how i feel or what i see through colour & form on my blog, which can usually tell something much more eloquently than my run on sentences} i'll share with you a little of my journal, today.. .

i am sitting in the dining room tapping away. up the hall, my brother & sister are playing a duet they wrote on the piano, of such haunting beauty, & i am absorbed in this captivating moment, immersed in a blanket of song;
each note a reverberating pendullum, swinging me up & down,
lulling, compelling me towards hope & a rolling, roaring beauty that demands to be entreated,
a clap of artistic thunder that saturates the heart with a buffet of symmetry
(the kind of perfect harmony when the mind & heart meet in mirrored anticipation of what can & will be achieved,
the impeccable loveliness of our divine nature, & all we can BE)
this percussive vibe of absolute satisfaction in knowing what is good
& having the courage to succeed in it{forsaking littleness of soul to stand in defence of honour, charity & virtue, qualities all too often forgotten} 
a proverbial encouragement of spiritual refinement,
a penchant for the verity of life {or a fondness for the truth of our situation & where we stand eternally, & how we can obtain a brighter hope!} 

this is what they teach me!!!
{& how i love them for it!!!} 
Happy Easter everyone!!!


  1. Thank you for your kind comment at my weblog :-) Your site is so pretty, and I love your photographs.

    Many blessings for your day.

  2. Beautiful views to celebrate spring and lovely words to match.

    The flood clean up lingers in many corners. Some parts of town still need repair work and will take some time to get back to routine. Nature is a wild thing at times and we need to find better ways to live with that.