Monday, October 3, 2011

today i walk.. .



in shades & hues of gold

Autumn is beginning to speckle the mountainside with dots and flashes of burgundy, chestnut, ochre & burnt sienna. The air is ripe with a restlessness & a rustling. But the palette is too deeply rouched for my airy, summery coolness, so i pledge my hope towards winter storms{the soft falling snow that makes the night light}, & spring blossoms{how i ache for them}. I love the name Autumn though, & how the silent lingering 'n' hums on the tongue. If i could paint Autumn, it would be the colours of this post, strewn with the fragrance of a bygone era, & saturated with a gently crumpled heritage{& lit with golden sparkles that fade into a distant golden memory.. .}

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