Thursday, November 24, 2011

~ sewing.. .{& sowing!}

a cold & blustery run, piercing windchills, warm windowsills,
& thinking of this quote from Waterworld,

"i've travelled farther than most men have dreamed!"

which has happened to me not because i sought a journey, but because i chose a path.. .& it made me think that,

our lives don't belong to us, we share them with each other.
{we sway, we pull, we impact, we inspire, we educate, we illuminate}

for we sow, as much as we are sown, & we sew as much as we are sewn (one involves the planting & cultivating of our talents, & one is the mending & binding & making of dreams)

& they fill our hearts with warmth

{oh the lovely paths we walk!}

happy days dear hearts!

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