Tuesday, January 20, 2009

a patch of sunlight

I saw a patch of sunlight the other morning @ 5am, when the newly awakened rays of warm light set one rooftop & its neighbouring green trees aglow, while all around it the sky & vista of the horizon was a flat grey. a little patch of vibrant colour, luminous to the horizon!
Other than that, it has been raining perpetually. The pitter patter of millions of droplets gliding onto the rooftiles & encasing the circumference of your environmental sphere is so cosy & reassuring!

So, a light in the bleak times, some other things that are comfy, cosy, & oh so reassuring...
my ugg slippershoes which i love!
my oversized blanky bags
wearing my aboriginal sarong
the knitted shawl Nanna made (when im sick)
socks! (only when im sick tho)
heaters or fires, being exuberantly warm
being wonderfully with my family
lyrical words

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