Sunday, January 25, 2009

& then, she flew

Butterflies of fascination alite
On fingertips of the soul
Awakening destiny
We fly on translucent wings.
Happy new year! Notice the fragrance of new beginnings wafting along the airwaves, with the promise of pleasant possibilities & the chance to repair old wounds. A time to be all that lies splendidly within us. An opportunity once more, to expand & invigorate our souls.
I went on a plane new years eve (hence the gorgeous Austalian shoreline above) to a destinaiton i could not foresee, but tucked in my heart those who would be awaiting my return. & so, i flew. My handbag lined in faith & a pocketfull of possibilities, a new year adventure. I saw the sydney fireworks...from a rooftop in the distance, but how i wish i could've been underneath the fireworks & taken the photo above(fireworks photo thanks to reuters via the All things lovely blog).
May our year be filled with the remarkable!
Today i remember fondly.

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