Wednesday, December 9, 2009

moments to write about

Somedays are worth writing about...
Today is standing still in a cool breeze,
hurrying to the post office,
a green leafy tree with one pink flower-oh so high up,
humming while cleaning,
typing away,
& anticipating this!
sending lovely thoughts to you!!!


  1. The day you've spoken of is the most perfect day really. Taking pleasure is the small and everyday type things and feeling good about it all. I so love your image of the wee teacup and plates stacked up, that makes a pretty start to my day. Kind wishes.

  2. "humming while cleaning" I think i love that!
    sending you love, my dear friend.

  3. lovely tea set.

    thanks for visiting me too ;)

  4. Such a lovely day actually.
    "Somedays are worth writing about..."
    You're incredibly right when you say that.

  5. Sound like a perfect kind of day!!
    Hope your holidays are happy so far, Chenoa!!

  6. The tree with the one flower way up high, so lovely. Glad you were humming while cleaning -- would you like to come and do my laundry? Just kidding. Well, sort of ;)

  7. No need to hurry to the post office anymore now Aussie Post is on strike.

    I have plans for a big house clean up on Friday. I'm going hum while I clean it sound like it will make my chores seem more fun.