Sunday, February 28, 2010

to paint the world

some favourite paintings by Matisse

because it seems such a joy to paint the world they knew for us

& a medley of pastel rainbows
because today the heart is searching for something sunny :)

{images 3-9, my favourite images from chez fifi}


  1. such beautiful images every time i come here! Be still my beating heart!! my eye is fine now, thankyou so much for the good wishes, Karen

  2. So many beautiful images to look at on your blog!!! Lovely!

    :) T

  3. I have chandelier envy after looking at these images as I have a chandelier on my WANTS list to go over my dinning room table.

    My gorgeous gift came in the mail today. I think I might share it with my daughter and use it for a joint artistic project between us.
    I am going to put together a little something special to send to you over the next couple of weeks.