Saturday, April 10, 2010


before i ventured into writing a blog,

i was an avid reader & fan

i found little quotes & vibrant inspiration appearing in front of me when i would sit down & do a bit of a search...

so i started writing a few journal pages laced with quotes that made me smile, & filled with pockets of ideas, & i painted & glued, snipped & thought, & filled some pages with creative possibility

on this page i list a few quotes of hope, then made a catalogue of my "heart-thoughts"

"i'd love to:
read a book in the moonlight, attend a teaparty under the stars, sing in the snow, relax in a rocking chair on the beach, cuddle a porcupine, dance on a rainbow, paint amongst the flowers, fit snuggly under an umbrella in a rainforest, have a picnic on the clouds, illuminate tiny moments, collect lovely images, find seashells in lake beds, breath the starlight, discover mosaic words, learn to weave poetry & display wistfully poetic images, tremble bravely, laugh gently, savour goodness, remember with gratitude, kneel in the temple...tiptoe through heaven"

today is the bounty of pink & red roses Mum & Dad brought home, sparkling cranberry & lime spritz, & collecting oddities! & a bounty of beautiful wishes for you!!!


  1. Thank you for sharing your beautiful journal. Lovely poetic thoughts!

  2. Beautiful journal, and lovely photos as usual. Thank you for popping by my blog and sending good wishes... I appreciate it :O)

  3. thanks everyone...i almost didnt post these as they were somewhat unfinished, had i time id do a little more...but i do love them because they sort of were inspired by my sister, so Thankyou!!! such loveliness!!!

  4. lovely!

    so glad you shared with us.