Thursday, June 10, 2010

~the shades of you.

opening pages of wonder

pouring petals {that fell from a dream}

beautiful indeed

a haven of values

increasing virtue

{& a sneak peak} of something in the becoming

lovely things, &
understanding that applying the good things we learn is the only way to significantly increase our worth :)
sweet wishes !!!


  1. your pink is the embodiment of kindness, compassion and love.
    anxious to see your "becoming" realized.

    thank you for such beauty.

  2. Beautiful as always... I did read this post the day you posted C.... but had such a heart attack at the sneak peek... was a bit lost for words... please stop creating now...:) it is far too beautiful already.... Just stunning!!!!!
    The book looks beautiful too... I have a passion for beautiful books like you...
    Thanks for sharing such a beautiful post....
    Love Lou xx

  3. What is that gorgeous book you are reading?

  4. Oh my goodness I am drooling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EVERYTHING is just stunning and you have captured it all so always! You MUST share the maker of your china...I would love to know!

    Hope your weekend was wonderful! Went to my in-laws mission homecoming today. They served in the Romania/Bucharest mission. Their friends from AU were there visiting who served as well. I thought of you!

    xoxo Molly

  5. Thankyou all!!! the teacups & saucers are from Royal Doulton, the Lady Carlyle & Lady Ascot range...i absolutely love the Zandra Rhodes range but its so hard to find...
    & the book is Patterns from Tricia Guild, i've seen some lovely books lately, i may do a book list post...
    such loveliness for you all <3

  6. actually, the book in the post above is Patterns, this is my favourite & oh so treasured 'Venezia' by Tessa Kiros{which i got on sale at Borders} & she has also brought out a matching journal which i utterly heart as well!!!
    whoopsies :)