Saturday, September 12, 2009

a pink night for your pink day;

Since we experience Saturday in the future here in Australia, i like to collect pink moments from my pink saturday, then share them with you for yours :)
Tonight was Riverfire. Its an annual event where the city convenes on the banks of our river to watch a spectacular show. Tonight was:

pink buildings

delicate pink petals

sprinkled across the sky

& glimpsed under bridges, above rooftops, through buildings, & shining over the canopy of the trees

as we opened the curtains of wonder

& pressed forward

through the excitement{roaring F111s soaring above us, the heat from the fire trailing them able to be felt on the ground, the crackle of popping fire crackers, lighting up the sky, the thrill of enthusiasm palpable in the air, as the crowds looked to the sky awaiting the adventure}

& left when the waters were calm{our beautiful river}!

& this was a special moment from yesterday

when a beautiful pink bird had a visit in our yard!{i found this picture of one showing its crest nestled among these exquisite portraits}

Today is an effusion of pink{& a stunning pink cake!

Have a


  1. You take beautiful pictures! Btw, I mentioned your blog for my Pink Saturday post challenge. I saw that you liked my Happy Mail, I'll be sharing more of these. If you send me an email I'll add you to my Happy Mail list and send you something.

  2. This is a great pink Saturday post !
    Love from the Netherlands Rini

  3. you got some great pictures of riverfire! very beautiful. isn't it a wonderful event? i especially love your ferris wheel shots :)


  4. What a dreamy, feminine blog you have. :)

  5. these are the most, lovely pink captures.

  6. many fantastic photos, Chenoa...Pink, my fave color! :o) Happy Day ((HUGS))