Tuesday, September 15, 2009

rare & golden

although i love mornings, the stillness of rising sunlight, the hush before the bustle, the warmth of approaching day,

im not a morning person, much more of a night owl. but last week i had a beautiful morning walk,

uncovering misty mornings

to forage through the days delights

the chill of the air began to lift with the warmth of golden rays

the heavy rain dissipating

lovely flowers budding{wattle?}

trees rising straight & tall, their long roots blithe

& everywhere, the opportunities of the coming day settling like wild flowers

to be ready for passers-by like us

so i bundled some up,

to send to you...Today opportunity is bouyant!


  1. such a special magic in your morning images...i do love the early morning for its potential.

  2. Lovely photos, we have been gifted with some beautiful mornings lately thanks for sharing some pics from your walks.

  3. These images are truly gorgeous! thanks for the info re the front page - I had no idea! :O)

  4. I'm more a morning person by choice. Such pretty light at that time of day.

    Thanks for sharing your early morning walk there is something magical about walking in the fog.

  5. I am a morning person, and these stunning images are part of the reason why, theres nothing quite like the excitement of a new day unfolding. xx