Thursday, March 18, 2010

~ the sky moved for me ~

as we were standing on the jetty, the whole expanse above us seemed low & encompassing{please feel free to click the photos for a more majestic view}

& in the space of a few moments,
the sky moved for me,
like a kaleidescope of beauty, a motion of masterpieces roaming the heavens...

then he alighted on my brothers hand, perhaps because his wing is sore, & perhaps my brother is alot like Dickon{of the Secret Garden} in his kindness for animals...i admire them more at a distance, for they always seem to know im a little afraid :)

wherever you all are today, may bluebirds sing a pretty song for you, my kind blogland friends!!!

this week has been long nights & sleepless days, pondering heaven, a neighbourhood cat who pops in to say hello, French almond vanilla granola, & white ice cream sprinkled with cocoa, in dainty porcelein cups...

{image #6 source unknown, #7 via martha stewart}

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