Tuesday, March 23, 2010

the songs of the seashore

to decipher a vernacular most exciting, waves as they tumble, sand as it gleams, salt in the air & tiny shells, in all their unusual shapes, how have they formed & become so beautiful? such a delicious melody, like that of floral oppulence!

today is the beauty of preserved opportunity{& how hard we work to achieve it}!!! lovely wishes


  1. you are so perfectly pink!
    please do come for a visit...my post today is sooooooo your kind of lovely pinkolicious!

  2. you are so right about the opportunity. have a wonderful tuesday.

  3. Hi! Thanks so much for all the fabulous comments, sounds like you enjoyed your visit! I must say that I see it as a huge compliment when I look at all the exquisite things you have on here. Your blog is a dream. Yes the buttons are available, if you are interested drop me a mail, but don't in any way feel obliged, your compliments are more than enough!!