Saturday, March 20, 2010

to sail to the stars

this post is dedicated to a brave young girl who is sailing around the world, harnessing the wind & treading stars. her courage afloat & natures discoveries in her pink sails, every day she comes closer to the dream of being the youngest to sail solo around the world.

...every two weeks or so since Jessica Watson set sail, my Mum would ask, has anyone heard if she's alright? & finally a couple of weeks ago, Mum thought we should google it just to check, because we hadnt heard for awhile.
& now we are so happily following along these wonderfully inspirational vignettes of her narrative...oh we do wish her very splendid luck in her journey so beautifully becoming achieved!!!{& special thoughts to her from my little sister who is painting her a sunset!!} special & precious thoughts today


  1. Beautiful post! I been following her too.
    Happy Pink Saturday!
    Love your post.
    Enjoy the weekend.

  2. she is beautiful and brave. thank you for sharing this post, with us.