Saturday, July 16, 2011

glimmering, {shimmering} things.. .



days filled with glimmering, shimmering things;

~ the glint of light sewn onto patterned wallpaper
~ music, softly streaming {through the home, from my sisters guitar}
~ warm paisley sheets & soft ruffled pillowcases
~ lemon coloured moments & gentle velvet memories
~ dolls{& teaparties, of the vacious imaginary type ~ how little girls love these!!!}
~ gorgeous gladiolas, climbing high into the light fixtures {to brighten the sparse ceiling cavity}
~ Opal {an octopus}
a golden mist peppered through the sun-filled rooms in the late afternoon, (anouncing nature's royalty}

so much sunshine!!! {for you)


  1. is that a photograph of you? you dont look 30! I love your hair.

  2. hehe yes thats my flame-dipped hair! & yes that is the normal reaction to my age! one day the postman dropped off a parcel and asked me if i was having a day off school, oh dear! i wonder when i will look my age.. . thankyou :)

  3. hello beautiful, how are you? everything looks so beautiful here.