Saturday, July 30, 2011

~ to experience a wilting.. .

"horrific." that is the new "lovely" in my world! everything is..."oh horrific, how horrific, ugh-horrific!" {with a sweet tempered voice & a little dash of loveliness of course!} but honestly, peering into this reality, the degeneration of a world that has sold out a love of God & His principles, {the very morals put there to keep us safe & free from harm} for "the sake of" being able to do "whatever we want whenever we want with no consequence to ourselves or others"... & the aftermath is so terribly sad. we are witnessing a the downfall of a society that doesn't want to answer to God or observe His laws, even though the Bible and the books of holy writ are the oldest records we have on earth, think of it, words inscribed painstakingly by holy prophets since Adam & Eve, letters for us, and given to help us, access to a true knowledge of our history & divinity, & we pass it by, shrug it off, or even scoff at these sacred & tremendous men & women.

this past little while i have been helping those who have been on the street for years. on Tv promiscuty is glamorous & little do they show you the disease & consequent anguish that comes from tampering with laws otherwise appropriate in marriage. did you know that women who have more than one partner are more likely to get cervical cancer? upon entering America there are huge posters in the airport "every 7 seconds someone here contracts aids".that sounds like a plague to me, brought on by ourselves. i just read an article about how aids doubled in chicago in the last year, & how the "new thing" for New York youth is to be in chat rooms & online groups where everyone has aids.

how horrific! how can we fix this? we have the answers! every thing exists with laws, classrooms run smoothly with rules, businesses have a series of important laws, then why not families & laws regarding virtue, these beautiful things that can help us grow peacefully, beautifully & without disease.

when a food is contaminated & can poison people, it is not allowed to be sold. then why is it lawful for young people to do things that they don't know will harm them so debilitatingly. & what does tht say about the older generation? we are the degeneration of our own society! oh its truly terrible to me

if there is one thing i could say to young people it is,

wait, wait! hold yourself worthy of so much more!!!

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