Thursday, July 7, 2011

{since last we met.. .}

i guess i should begin where last we left off{when the sun was sinking into dreaming}.. .
it seems like eons & galaxies have tilted, swayed & slipped from the stars this past week,
but i did manage to find a leather ampersand notebook for little jottings & hoverings & rememberings of thought to reside {& perhaps not to capture the exact redundancy of a moment, but to expose life for its most splendid possibilities.. .i only attempt this in spots & slutters, such work it is, between the reality of healing & the magnitude of difficulty ahead}
so i am resigned to the mesmeric refinement of an oversized imagination, camera in hand{like tricklings & glimmerings of a flowing waterfall}

& may your night be filled with whispering starlight & whisps of the moon 

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