Saturday, May 14, 2011

a grumbling overhead.. .

i stood on a mountain today. the whole world stretched out at my feet. the sun was high in the clamourous sky & all i wanted to do was hug everybody so far down below me, for i knew what was there, {& you may be surprised to find out i have spent the week trying to stop someone dear being jumped into a gang, & avoid subsequent drive-bys} there is too much of life that is bearing down on the rising generation, & i sighed as i stood in this moment of beauty, for i wanted to show it to everyone.. .

when i came home the 2 tulips we picked from a vacant lot next door were waiting, in this soft spoken twirl they have become through the dance of their unfurling.. .their wingspan reached 9 inches {i thought it was 6, i measured for you} & they seem to float past me every time i walk through the kitchen.. .

it is a beautiful day though, the long slow roll of thunder, grumbling overhead, made the perfect musical score to accompany a morning of snuggling up in bed, watching the season finale of Blue Bloods :)

& may your day be filled with all that is beautiful!!!  

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