Saturday, May 14, 2011

to garnish a morning with light.. .

one morning this week i got up at 5am to take my little brother to the temple, while he was inside i tip-toed around temple grounds whispering oohs and photoing aahs in the still morning air, just me, reflection pools, and rows upon rows of flowering colourwheels.. .

whenever i get up early{though im not a morning person} i have the most wonderful affirmations that there is still beauty on this great earth waiting to be found, 
& in the soft dawn light, a heavenly dome seems to shape all that is mortal in my life, & transport my focus to somewhere of more infinite worth.. . 

but today, my heart consists of a pencil & paper. there are finely crafted, beautifully eloquent scribblings nestled there, but i can't seem to see them.. .though i look, they elude me.

so i've been scrambling about on the front lawn scooping up sunshine {as its possibly been on a cruise.. .Spring vacation?} for it popped in today to say Hello!.. . & then alternatively i hope to rake goodness into my soul{with a bright pink rake} & pile it high, deep in my heart, a flourishing heap of decoration to stall my impediments

{& i garnished it all with a delicate slice of iced lemon tea cake,  

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  1. well your blog is pretty special too you know!!