Monday, May 23, 2011

~ a night of light & my tear-stained soul.. .

"Worn out with this torture of a thought, I rose to my knees. Night was come and her planets were risen: a safe, still night: too serene for the companionship of fear. We know that God is everywhere, but certainly we feel His prescence when His works are on the grandest scale spread before us; there we read His infinitude, His omnipotence, His omnipresence. I had risen to my knees to pray.. .Looking up, I, with tear-dimmed eyes, saw the milky way. Remembering what it was - what countless systems there swept space like a soft trace of light - I felt the might & strength of God.

Sure was I of His efficacy to save what He had made; convinced I grew that neither earth should perish, nor one of the souls it treasured.. ."

Jane Eyre excerpt page 291


  1. You really, really are so SO talented!

  2. thankyou :) i basically always have my flash off & there is a button which has little numberings from -2'''-1''''0''''1''''2(it looks something like this) it brightens up the photo if you turn it to about 1, 2 sometimes is to bright and blurrs the photos.. .& also, i usually set up little shoots and kneel under the largest window i can find, for lots of natural light, not for too long, i squeeze in about 15 minutes here of there, so i never get to do quite what i had imagined but i guess its something :)

    loveliness, always

  3. p.s & thankyou!!! so very often i feel so so UNtalented :) happy thoughts