Tuesday, May 24, 2011

~ the pliability of mirth.. .



this week: me, needing to employ "the organ of Adhesiveness"* and "the faculty of reflection"* & add them to the lexicon of hovering sensibilities found dwelling in my heart 
*"Jane Eyre" 
{& how I long to occupy this vast arena with speeches of sunlight & flashes of gold}

the days have been pebbled; with a cheerful longing, a keenness & capacity to share, help, lift, bless & serve; with re-reading the little annotations & perenthises & high-lighted epiphonies that dapple my beautiful pages of Jane Eyre{a little compilation of wisdom & love}; with silly photos & regal moments; & the most lovely soft wishes for you!!!

& :)
{discovering sunshine & peddling cheer}

Adieu! {for now, with smiles}

& this song of Sia's i love{& the cover!}
{& this quiet moment of beauty}


  1. Your photos are always so beautiful and magical.

  2. We never get to see you. This was a real treat for me. Hello, beautiful you.