Monday, February 16, 2009

lest we forget

she remembers him

he loves her

i got an email today, from a dear & precious girl across the world, who said these photos touched her heart. how does this little koala captivate our hearts? is it because we can all relate to this feeling of sheer baffling need...struggle until your wounded paws cannot be lifted to go forward one more step, & then hope against reason for someone whose heart shines with kindness to find us amongst the rubble.
& he did find her. & now their hearts are knit together through this precious exchange. & it makes our hearts glow. with hope. with courage. with love.

chandelier memory
chandelier memory - by meanderingpearl on

some other things that evoke love & a zeal for life{like the kind Anne of Green Gables exudes}
flamboyant flannelette pyjama pants; crisp white doilies; vivacious hopes; damask patterened throws; rose scented candles on carved wooden candlesticks; antique photo frames ~ very ornate & dripping with mystery; paper bags filled with lemons & limes; devoted fervour ~ to any pursuit of wholesome acclaim; rainbowtroves of silken ribbons tucked in creaking drawers; pink morrocan fiestas; Christmas bonbons; gardenia scented fragrances floating on the breeze; silver sunsets; the crystal chandeliers in our lives ~ radiating the prism of our personality & reflecting its sparkle across darkened rooms; a sense of wonder & considering awe @ anything incredible that crosses our paths; the Saviour's love ~ enduring our stumbles, enhancing our efforts, & filling our souls with purpose, light & love

Pink Pearls
Pink Pearls - by meanderingpearl on

Today we are one

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