Wednesday, February 18, 2009

pearls we are.

When i was contemplating a name for this blog, the image of a pearl nestled in a clam shell at the bottom of the ocean shone in my mind. I researched a little about how a pearl is effectually formed.

Any tiny object can become a pearl by the irritation it endures when enfolded within the living layers of the shell. The lustre is achieved at last & most exquisitely depending upon the amount of layers of irritation the pearl receives. When light shines upon the finished pearl, its irridescent quality of succesive layers makes it sparkle on every facet & illuminates many many layers of beauty.

The meandering part of the name is reflective of how i live. & i suppose my life meanders at an accelerated rate... i'm always so busy, yet i believe Patience the only way to find & keep that which is most precious & dear to our hearts. Patience, Accumulating our choices to find...
Something lasting
Something worth keeping
Something eternal

The decisions we keep. The irritation we overcome. Makes us deep, rare & precious.

Today we illuminate each other.

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