Saturday, March 21, 2009

Rag Doll Challenge...~ Presenting Primrose~

Challenge is the perfect word to describe my journey :) the process seemed fraught with complications from the moment i signed up...but as my teenage brother wisely told me, "The effort is worth the result"{although he was talking about his penmanship}

my hope was to capture the awakenings of spring, when flower petals skip about & blossoming branches seem to dance in the breeze, basking in the warmth of the vibrant sun {from the perspective of an 11 year old girl who loves ballet, aka my sister, the dolls recipient}

& so i began excitedly, cutting sewing cutting some more, & gulp... a little gluing{i love fabric glue!}

& voila a pretty doll with paisley curls, lacey puff sleeves, shiny ribboned pointers & my favourite accesory, her beautiful bonnet...i couldnt get the pattern right, i wanted it more gathered at the top, but the fabric & colours delight me(tho im pretty sure the fabric wrecked the sewing machine, the bobbin moves arond now, hmm)

i had intended to do more to her face...but time outran me

so plan b, a soft shy face ~ the sweetness of springs first hopeful stirring,
with tiny loveheart eyes ~ for seeing the world through love in all its golden hues,
dimpled cheeks ~ the little accents that make the springtime glow with prettiness,
& a gentle smile ~ because spring beckons you to believe

Such a glorious Thank You to our host of Blithe & Blonde for inviting us to create & challenging us to learn!
& a note of appreciation for these rag dolls i happened across...
my very wonderfully favourite & my inspiration for this doll
my favourite colours ~ lemon, apricot, strawberry & lime
these characterizations i adore!
for the faces!
for her coat!

Today i wish you all a sparkly sun-filled day!


  1. Very sweet!!! Nice job on this very pretty doll! Hope you'll take a peek at mine too, at

  2. did a wonderful job on this doll! I love how you altered it a bit to suit your needs. She's like something from Moulin Rouge with her colorful bonnet, satin shoes and ruffles.
    I'm proud of you and so happy you took part in this. Thank you.


  3. I love your springtime doll. I like those colors used together.
    I enjoyed all of your dolls! Looove the mermaid!

  4. Primrose turned out wonderful! I adore her shoes! Oh, and the ruffles around her dress. Great job!

  5. I love your doll it makes you want to get out your dance shoes. Happy Spring.

  6. Oh my Primrose looks like a lovely wonderful bouquet of flowers.. so very very cute. I love all the bright vivid colors!!!

  7. What a sweet doll. Love her shoes.

  8. Thank you for following Debi over to my blog. It's so nice to meet you. What a wonderful talent you have. Happy Monday.