Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sunshine, my sunshine

i went to a CES Fireside with my brother last week, first one for the year. Afterwards, as usual, alot of mingling, smiles, glances & ~my favourite part~ bumping into absent friends amid squeeling delight. As we were doing the circuit i found a splendorous girl who ~most unexpectedly but oh so welcomingly~ cried "Sunshine!" Then she hugged me & added, "My sunshine!"

Trailing clouds of gold
Billowing like perfume
From the fragrance
Of soft memories

Sweet friendships leave tender footprints on the canvas of our soul
illuminating our heart's patina with a dainty lustre & entreating us to seek a beauty which transcends the everyday...

images via Squint Limited

& suddenly, all the stitches of our lives weave a pattern beyond our imagining.
every moment adding to the patterns glory, the dark times bringing as much as the light, in making our fabric taut & wonderfully woven

& so...
we walk each day,
every step we take leaving a footprint on the thoroughfare of history

& this photo because it tugs my heart.

{images via vi.sualize.us}

Today i appreciate the sentimental.


  1. It tugs at mine, too! What a beautifully thoughtful blog you have. I have so enjoyed visiting here.:)


  2. Hi Meandering! So glad you visited. I love the photo with the teapot on the womans head! Beautiful site and you have a fun deisgn eye. I will visit often. :-)