Sunday, March 1, 2009

a twilit night

although i made a pledge not to go to another engagement party until it was my own :) i relented & made an appearance to celebrate the union of two kind hearts. she was glowing. he was beaming. what a perfect couple & an enchanting twilit evening.

what i remember: floating tea lights & soft picked flowers, hands adorned with henna mud~fresh from India{i must say it was an absolute thrill to see a dear heart of a girl & then notice her hands, which were decorated so beautifully. i have been enamoured with this ever since watching 'Kingdom of Heaven' & to see it in person, too exquisite!}, a delicate antique engagement ring, conversation under the stars, creative collaborations vibrantly discussed,

& ending the night under the brightly lit lights of the service station, bumping into those we know, in a flourescent moment.

There are times in which, although we don't have all we seem to need{aka furniture, rugs~figuratively~ etc etc} we can attain a semblance of the this picture moves me! [image via Rodney Smith photography]

Today i believe.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by. I love the picture and
    the space with no furniture, I could so make
    that my home! What great space and picture.
    Hope all is well.