Friday, March 20, 2009

Parade of Dolls

Splendour in all its decadence entreats me
& bids me to dream
Parading softly
In a garden of flowers

my very first attempt...eek! inspired by Miss Elizabeth of Pride & Prejudice :)

a doll inspired by my brother, a colossal giant of a mighty man, who is never seen without his bag. it has travelled with him almost as far as his journey has taken him, through wind, hail, sunshine & the afternoon glow. tucked inside & cherished are all his precious things ~ it is something of an ineffable phenomenon

the first doll my little sister made, so sweetly
she is my shadow :)

a glowing moment shared

the most reluctant one i made, yet it seems to be everybody's delight. it would be something though, to glide through crystal waters, scales shining in the sun, pink hair :) flowing majestically about you

a doll i made for someone so dear she's more sister than friend :) Half Maouri & Samoan, she is everything fabulous & glamorous!

a doll inspired by my other sister, from a photo i always thought needed to be painted. cats were her favourite little collectable pieces

for a real sweetheart

probably my favourite doll, inspired by my Mum. with her near black hair & azure eyes, i always thought her akin to Cleopatra :)


  1. What charming dolls! I am enchanted by the mermaid. Thank you for visiting my blog today. I'll be back - your blog is lovely!

  2. What a great collection of dolls Chenoa!! You should be very proud at what you've created! How did you like using wool for hair? I've attempted it but didnt like my results..still looking for the best material as I want to make longer haired dolls:)
    Hope your week is going great!!