Saturday, March 14, 2009

most of all

a couple of dolls in the becoming

but most of all

"my heart is made of dawns pink rose"

my first attempt at a rag doll im trying to whip up for next saturday's challenge. why does the material on the corners bunch up in puffiness? its a mystery im trying to solve...but in the meantime, it was amazing to me to that although im no expert at sewing, suddenly i was hopping up & down from the floor to the sewing table, whipping up seams...

& all at once, i was experiencing a skill id never thought possible, & it was a quiet joy, & so lovely to know i didnt have to do it perfectly, to establish something beautiful, that i could learn as i go.

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  1. Your rag doll creations are looking pretty cute, have fun with the challenge project, how could anyone resist those little cuties.