Tuesday, March 24, 2009

tiny waterfalls in silk pockets

i love pockets! especially silk ones! delicate, intricate, petitely precious ones, with coloured ribbons to hold them safely closed...

& today i had this thought..
At every moment the future is perceived by us depending on the cumulation of every moment of our past, and is available to us because of every decision we make in the present.

which made me think of waterfalls: the high ground runs into the pool beneath, a course it is at every moment destined to run, a haven to achieve, & a function to become.

how lovely it would be if we could carry within our pockets always, a tiny waterfall of effervescent tranquility, with its merging fragments of crystal clear beauty, an awakening reservoir that leads us to the mecca of life, & soothes our weary hearts, like these healing waterfalls in the Philliphines

the buffalo seems to have found his way :)

Today i float where oscillating beauty reverberates as thunder.

1 comment:

  1. Dear Chenoa,
    This is a beautiful post. It is evident you are a special person. I like your motto "Tremendously we walk". I'm going to think on this.